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NLine Energy Inc. provides the product design for a hydroelectric generator used in the Amador Transmission Pipeline. This Pipeline carries raw water from Lake Tabeaud to a storage reservoir. Here a turbine uses the pipeline water to generate renewable electricity for the Water Agency. NLine also assists with oversight of construction, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Generate extra power

The construction of a hydroelectric generator on one of Amador Water Agency pipelines will offset power bills at the Amador Water Agency headquarters and generate additional revenue. To achieve this, a small turbine will be attached to a large Water Agency pipeline. The turbine uses the pipeline water flow and excess pressure at the water treatment plant to generate up to 580.000 kilowatt-hours of renewable electricity annually. This is well beyond the power requirements of the AWA wastewater treatment plant and the adjacent offices and maintenance facility.

Switching to a green power source

Running the turbine has no impact on the quantity or quality of the water used to power the generator. By switching to a green power source, the Agency avoids producing the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of 33 households in a year.

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NLine Energy is the US’s premier small hydropower developer, and delivers the world’s most efficient back pressure turbine. We're a fast growing global player in constant search of talent.

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NLine is a place of excellence where your talents can really find a home. We have a close-knit culture of experts that love to engage in problem solving.

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