The GDPUD in line for hydro bucks

NLine Energy can generate 1 megawatt per year from three siphons in the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District (GDPUD) water system. This is what our CEO, Matthew Swindle, presented to the board of The Georgetown Divide Public Utility District.

Swindle based his optimism on a study already done by the El Dorado County Water Agency. The advantage of adding a turbine to an existing waterline means there is no environmental impact and it is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act.

“We’re not just an engineering company. We are a full-service company,” ~ Matthew Swindle

A world of
challenge awaits

NLine Energy is the US’s premier small hydropower developer, and delivers the world’s most efficient back pressure turbine. We're a fast growing global player in constant search of talent.

Dakota Schwartz

NLine is a place of excellence where your talents can really find a home. We have a close-knit culture of experts that love to engage in problem solving.

Dakota Schwartz
Project Engineer

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