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As a renewable energy development company, we have developed a process to convert wasted energy found in transmission, distribution, and recycled water systems into renewable energy. This system produces renewable electricity while providing automatic control and reporting features. Renewable electricity can be used onsite or sold to the utility. In‐conduit hydroelectric projects thus provide technical, financial, and environmental benefits to water agencies, utilities, and ratepayers.

We offer ACWA members an initial no-cost feasibility study that provides a combined technical and financial reports highlighting the in-conduit generation potential in a given agency. The APP program, of which NLine Energy Inc. is now part, has been concentrating, almost exclusively, on renewable energy as well as energy-saving products and services over the last year. This is so member agencies may have the best resources available to them at the best possible price. Additionally, there is legislation going into effect in 2020 that will require agencies’ portfolios to contain more renewable or green energy resources.

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NLine Energy is the US’s premier small hydropower developer, and delivers the world’s most efficient back pressure turbine. We're a fast growing global player in constant search of talent.

Dakota Schwartz

NLine is a place of excellence where your talents can really find a home. We have a close-knit culture of experts that love to engage in problem solving.

Dakota Schwartz
Project Engineer

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